Looking At The Stars is my first ever book.

It tells the story of my life so far; the good and the bad times. 

I am a naturally optimistic person, but my chronic illness and disability led to social isolation and like most children I bottle things up, because I didn't want to upset my family. 

But, having no one to talk to, eventually took its toll on my mental and physical wellbeing. 

When I was fourteen, I decided enough was enough and to change things  by establishing a national charity called A World With Friends which helps children make friends.  

I write about this  amazing learning experience and meeting so many lovely people; some you will have heard of and some not!
The book also talks about some of the unexpected things that have happened along the way, some wonderful and others let's just call interesting.  It is safe to say life is never boring; what are the chances that my first visit to Hawaii would coincide with a missile attack alert! 

This book was written for every lonely and isolated child out there and if it stops just one child from feeling alone then it was worth writing!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

 Everyone Needs A Friend #AWorldwithfriends

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