Yesterday was an amazing day, we went to Prince’s Charles ' 70th Birthday and had afternoon tea at Buckingham palace!  Mum didn't take my wheelchair as it's difficult to use on gravel and grass surfaces, so towards the end I was in a lot of pain and we had to leave before the end which was a shame but one of those things you get used to when you are disabled!

Earlier in the day we were lucky enough to have a wonderful taxi driver called Jamie pick us up at Waterloo, he was not only really friendly,  but afterwards he took the time to look up A World With Friends and then message me. I read his message last night at one of those low points when my pain was pretty challenging, but somehow reading this lovely generous message made me feel that what I do is worth it.

Jamie kindly gave permission for me to share his wonderful message with you all:

Thanks Jamie, with friends like you we can make even more of a difference!

The people that help us at A World With Friends are not necessarily the wealthiest or the most powerful - but they are certainly the kindest and the most thoughtful!

 We live in a world where everyone is so busy, that we sometimes forget that taking the time to show an interest in someone else can mean so much. 

My health makes life more challenging and like everyone else  I struggle at times. In those moments the wonderful messages of support, sharing of personal stories and offers of help are what keep me going.